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  • Contact Enter your contact information in this section. Loan and Property Your responses to the loan and property questions in this section will help us identify the best loan for your needs. Personal The Personal section focuses on your current living situation, employment, income, and other borrowers who are applying for this loan with you. Financial Your responses to the questions in this section provide us with information about your assets, liabilities, and other real estate you own.
    To ensure the best outcome for your loan request, provide as much detail as possible about your assets, liabilities, and other monthly expenses.
    Assets - Include the following types of assets, if applicable: • Checking and savings accounts
    • Retirement accounts
    • Stocks, bonds, and other investments
    Liabilities – Include the following liabilities, if applicable: • Auto loans and leases
    • Credit cards
    • Other vehicle loans and leases
    • Personal loans
    • Student loans
    Other Monthly Expenses - Include the following monthly expenses, if applicable: • Alimony
    • Child support
    • Job related expenses
    Other Real Estate – Provide information about other real estate you own and rental income you receive, if applicable.


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